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Documents that you might find useful.

You are welcome to download any of these documents that will help with your Boarding role.

Useful Books

In this interesting practical book, Daniel J. Siegel, neuro psychiatrist, and parenting expert Tina Payne Bryson demystify the meltdowns and aggravation, explaining the new science…

Critical Incident

Critical Incident Review Report

Missing Student Tracking Record

Missing Student Tracking Record

Indigenous Cultural Protocols

Like all genuinely mutual and productive relationships, engagements with Aboriginal communities need to be based on respect. We need to offer and earn respect, particularly in dealings…

QIECB Position Paper indigenous Boarding

In recent years, there have been some encouraging inquiries and policy
developments in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education at the Australian and State levels…

Responding To Privacy Act

The changes to the privacy act are not just a few word changes, but a…

Medication Process

Administration of Routine and Emergency Medications in
State Schools

Essential Resources

In this interesting practical book, Daniel J. Siegel, neuro psychiatrist, and parenting…

Student Feedback Form

Residence Student Feedback Form Write a number in each box to show how you are feeling about each of these areas…

Individual Action Plan

Individual Action Plan

NT Mandatory Reporting Flowchart

Document: Assessment, clinical opinion, actions taken and any follow up
required in patient’s medical record

Indigenous Student Retention

Student Retention (or lack of student retention) is probably the biggest issue faced by schools and residences that cater for Indigenous students…

Update Response to Threat of Suicide or Self

You will recall that suicide intervention was covered in your Certificate IV course in the section on “Facilitating Responsible Behaviour”. This is a very important section so we have re-written this section and the revised material is below. We would ask that you read this material and become familiar with the steps. Please discuss with your manager to make sure that it…

Student Complaint

It is a part of our ‘duty of care’. If something is causing concern for a student then we need to know about it and be able to address it quickly. The residence…

Excursion Risk Management Form

Excursion Risk management Please note: Adult to student ratio will vary for different activities. Ensure that the….

Mending the Broken Circle

Some youth who feel rejected are struggling to find artificial, distorted belongings through behaviour such…

Protective Practices for Staff – SA

For staff in their interactions with children and young people guidelines for staff working or…

Student Case Plan

Student Case Plan

Profiling Tool

Boarding schools receive applications for enrolment from a broad range of different students, including some students who are not suitable for the school boarding environment. This may be because they have conditions or…

Fire Evacuation Log

This log must be completed every time there is a fire evacuation and must be completed by …