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Head of Boarding Toolkit


This 152 page toolkit available to be downloaded on payment of $100.


Head of Boarding Toolkit

Head of Boarding is a very complex and critical role. Leading a team that is
responsible for the care and holistic development of young boarders and
providing the best quality boarding experience, depends largely on the planning and skills of the Head of Boarding.
The purpose of this toolkit is to provide processes and tools that will assist the
Head of Boarding to provide intentional and well-planned programs for the care and development of boarders.
This toolkit includes:
1. Head of Boarding Role Mapping Rationale
2. Annual Plan template (‘year to a page’ or ‘month to a page’)
3. Policy Framework Sample
4. List of Policies and Documents from Boarding Standard
5. Effective Leadership Strategies
6. Staff to Boarder Ratios, The risk management approach
7. Rate the culture of your boarding program
8. Indigenous Cultural Safety and Boarding in Australia
9. Saving Kylie Ryan – Case Management in Boarding
10. Boarding Supervisor Professional Practice Model
11. Boarding Supervisor Performance Appraisal
12. Student Behaviour

The Toolkit is available to be purchased and downloaded for $100.00, and WORD or writeable PDF templates are available – email


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