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These Crazy Times – an opportunity for boarding staff!

We are living in very unsettled times, especially for schools, boarding residences and all Boarding staff.
But, this can be a unique opportunity for boarding staff.
HOW? – I’m hearing you shout!

Boarding staff are very busy people (it is the nature of our work) and important tasks often get sidelined because we do not have enough time. At the moment with boarding programs closing around Australia, boarding staff will have opportunity to;

    1. Work on their own training qualifications,
    2. Carry out important tasks to add value to boarding programs


1. Training Qualifications

This could include any online training relevant to your boarding role that will help you gain skills and develop your boarding career.

At BTA we can assist you with your training requirements, with our online training, live and interactive webinars and distance learning. Over 150 people around Australia are currently working on their recognised, Nationally accredited Cert IV or Diploma qualification online, with capacity for hundreds more.

Right now, BTA are;

    1. Working with Boarding providers to set up tailor-made webinar and on-line training schedules for their staff,
    2. Increasing webinar training availability March to July (in our virtual classroom),
    3. Continuing on-line training for Certificate IV and Diploma students,
    4. Making training videos available by YouTube,
    5. Reducing training costs with a 10% discount for all new enrolments in March and April,
    6. Easing financial pressure with payment plans and deferred payments available.

Please contact or phone Janelle: 0427428985, Steve: 0409111116, or Jenny: 0423208189 for any questions you may have about training.


2. Important tasks to add value to boarding programs

These tasks might include;

    • Reviewing and updating all boarding policies and procedures
    • Updating Staff manual (and induction process)
    • Updating Student and Parent manuals
    • Reviewing and updating student induction process
    • Digitising student records
    • Archiving old records
    • Carrying out Residence self-appraisal against the Australian Boarding School Standard
    • Updating signs, posters, images in the boarding residence
    • Sorting and archiving photographs
    • Stocktake and update all first Aid kits
    • Creating a new Student Welcome video (involve students)

Note 1. Some Boarding Managers / Heads of Boarding are requiring boarding staff to attend during school hours when students have left early. This may not suit many boarding staff, as they have established their working lives and other non-work activities around boarding hours. Boarding Managers / Heads of Boarding may need to be sensitive to the individual needs of boarding staff.

Note 2. Many of the tasks listed above can be carried out by boarding staff working from home, using programs such as Google Teams, Dropbox teams or Asana.

Kind Regards
Steve, Jenny, Janelle and Janine